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Does your child have severe food allergies?
 You've come to the
right place.

Read our Fall '09 Newsletter
written by Linda Marienhoff Coss.
Topic: Halloween
Read our Summer '08 Newsletter
written by Rita Molloy, past President of the New York State Association of School Nurses.
Topic: New state guidelines help schools deal with students’ food allergies.
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Topics: Testimonials, Tips on Eczema, and Food Allergies in the News.
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written by Patricia Bass, LCSW-R
Topic: Enjoy your Holidays!

Do you have a personal story about food allergies that you would like to share?  How have food allergies affected you or your child?  Write about it for Protect Allergic Kids' (PAK) new monthly newsletter.

In sharing stories we can learn and grow.  Join PAK now and let your voice be heard.

Please write about one of the following topics or choose your own:

* Challenges you face
* Dad's story
* Different approaches to treatment
* Favorite thing your child said or did
* Cooking tips
* Your story
* Testimonial
Read our 2012 Edition of "Ask the Allergist", Dr. Ralph Strauss. 
“What is the role of Orapred in treating anaphylaxis? Can it be used during an acute reaction if medical personnel are not available?”

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Topic: Interpretation of allergy tests