"PAK Connections"
Spring '08 Edition


I was at the PAK Awareness meeting at
Sachem library. I was speaking to a woman about her
child being allergic to corn and her dog's saliva. I am a dog
trainer, and investigated dog nutrition a lot! It hit me on the
way home that this woman may want to check the ingredients of
the food that she feeds her dog. Many of the dog foods use a lot
of corn/ground corn as a filler. There are many choices that are
allergy friendly(fish and sweet potato,and lamb and rice)that if
fed to the dog make make the dog more compatible to the child.
This idea may work for others too. What you feed the
dog/cat/animal can change it's saliva and/or skin
excretions/dander! Good luck to all!

My son Christopher is 3 and has many, many, many allergies.  Well
I bought him this hamburger game where you make a hamburger with
lots of toppings (got it in Target and it is made by craium like
product....really cute...) Any way - - he made the hamburger and
let him stuff animal eat it and the stuff animal started
"throwing up".   I asked him what happened to him and he said
that he had allergies just like him and he wasn't feeling well
after having the hamburger.  I then asked him what made him sick
- and he listed. Very Cute!!  I wish I didn't have this issue
but it could be worse!  All the best,

Tips on Eczema

Our daughter had awful eczema in her newborn days and well into
her toddler years. We slathered Cetaphil creme (thick, white
moisturizer in tub container) after her bath to soothe her skin.
Ingredients in personal-care products are scrutinized more
carefully by us these days, but this product helped. Our
youngest daughter had similar eczema problems, but not as bad.
Dry, winter weather can cause flare-ups, but for the most part
the condition resolved with time.

Yes I have tried olive oil as well...the only problem I had was being nervous if my kids ever slipped in the bath tub due to the oil being on their skin and anyone with a child with a good amount of eczema knows that they wear 100% cotton....the oil goes right into the material, stains it and doesn't ever come out...and yes it is very noticeable. I have to be careful with the vaseline and material also but I have it down pretty well that I haven't, (knock on wood), ruined any pants lately from using the vaseline. I'm glad your doctor gives good ideas like mine. I find the best time is bedtime...I put a load of vaseline on their bodies and I really don't care if their p.j.'s get ruined or not but in the morning their skin is soooooo soft and not bleeding from all the itching. Take care
I see a lot of postings about eczema. My daughter had severe eczema starting at 1 week of age. In addition to finding out if there is anything in the diet that the skin is reacting to, I did the following: Bath for about 20 minutes almost every day When you take your child out of the bath, barely towel dry them and apply a good amount of Aquaphor to the body within 3 minutes of removing from the bath. (the within 3 minutes is important) Apply pure cotton soft (wash the clothes several times if necessary to make them soft) pajamas Let me know if this helps. I was all over the internet when she was first diagnosed and found the above steps in several sites and found it extremely helpful for her eczema! I also found 100% cotton clothes all the time are best. Especially bad for my daughter's skin are wool and acrylic.

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