August '07 Bulletin
(Meeting held: 8/15)
written by: Cristina Stainkamp

Protect Allergic Kids had it's 1st "Cheat & Eat" dinner at the Olive Garden in Centereach.  Not only was it a yummy and affordable dinner but it was a fun night out for all of us!  Everyone had the chance to talk about their child. 

  For those who are still new to this, we reviewed some of the basics like knowing how to read a label (click on FAAN for Label Cards).  Don't forget to sign up for the FREE Allergy Alerts with FAAN as well for undeclared food allergen recalls.  We also talked about what our kids CAN eat.  See our Food page to learn where to shop.  Please go to the PAK Cookbook and check out many allergy free recipes.  Also visit the PAK Books page for some great Allergy Free Cookbooks, children's story books and more.  FAAN also offers a nominatee your School Program.

  For our school aged kids, we discussed our school and bus Food Allergy Management Plans.  We shared tips on how we were able to get 'shadows' at school and on the bus via the 504 plan.  See our Resources page for FREE Sample Letters.   Remember to create a Anaphylaxis Action Plan with your child's picture.  We also discussed the latest postings on our PAK Message Center.  I gave out PAK T-shirts for the FAAN Walk October 7th.  Email Cristina if you are interested in how to get a PAK T-Shirt. 

Special Upcoming Events

  Members discussed activities planned for PAK's 1st Candy-Free Halloween Bash  in Holtsville, Saturday Oct. 27th at 2 pm.  Mark your calendars and feel free to bring family.  Please send $10 per child to register for this event to:

Protect Allergic Kids
P.O. Box 227
Holtsville, NY 11742 

This will help us cover our expenses for games, bounce houses, pumpkin decorating, goody bags and more.  Everyone will be in costume for the PAK parade!  Helpers are always welcome.  Contact Allison for more information.

  The PAK Team Members volunteered to participate in the PAK Program presentations scheduled at schools and libraries in the fall.  See the PAK Calendar for more information.  This will help PAK in it's mission to raise awareness and educate people on the severity of food allergies, anaphylaxis and other allergic diseases like Eosinophilic Disorder and most importantly KEEP KIDS SAFE EVERYWHERE.

  Lastly, we brainstormed ideas for our 1st Christmas party December 19th (not held at the Sachem Library).  Details to follow.  We also discussed future guest speakers at our monthly support group meetings.  We are trying to book a professional regarding the psychological help we can offer our children and parents.  Dr. Sicherer, Allergist, donated his books to the PAK Lender library.  Available at our next meeting Wed., September 19th.

  Love you all and thanks for coming!    


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