Holiday Safety Tips

Host your own allergy free holiday.  Ask people to bring wine or flowers (no food).

Bring your allergic child's meal (similar to menu) just as you would when you go to a birthday         party or restaurant.

Always bring emergency medications (ie. Benadryl and epinephrine) and wipes with you.
Keep child's hands clean, and wipe down table and chair.

Go before or after food is served.  Educate the host on your child's situation and ask them to             have everyone wash or wipe their hands after they eat.

Don't serve any food to your child that isn't prepared by you.

Call beforehand to confirm there is no danger food out (like peanuts, tree nuts or cheese                    doodles).

Have your child sit between you and your spouse during the meal.

Do not use non-food items without checking ingredients first (i.e. milk, soy and nuts can be                  found in soaps, lotions, shampoos and toothpaste).

Ask that the food be served at the table to avoid children eating deserts in the play area.

Share the list of allergens your child is allergic to with the hostess.

Bring a safe dish to share with others.  Keep it safe from cross contamination.

Does your child have severe food allergies?
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