"You have helped so many people!  The coping tips are awesome!!!  My husband and I have been going out for date night every Wednesday and it has been so awesome.  We usually go to a movie or just hang out somewhere and are able to talk.  It helps him realize how tough some of my days can be dealing with other Mom's who don't get it etc.  There are days when I do cry - still!  It's pathetic but I get so frustrated that I'll never be able to take her to an ice cream parlour or go to a concession stand like other families.  There are worse things, I know it, but still it's the reality that you are given that you have to deal with.  If that makes any sense at all!  Knowing that we aren't alone has been so empowering. Getting tips from others and being able to vent has been awesome.  Anyway, THANK YOU!!!"


"Being part of a group has saved my life.  The group has made me feel not alone.  It is great to have the support of the other people around that are experiencing the same thing!  My life changed the day I met Cristina.  All good things come to those with numbers!"
~ Kelli
Does your child have
severe food allergies?
You've come to
the right place.
"Caring for a child with several severe food allergies is very hard and stressful.  And finally finding a support group that really cares is truly fulfilling.  This is the best experience for me and my family.  I feel more confident and educated about food allergies."
~ Lori   
"I am so thankful for PAK!!!! I was so overwhelmed when my son was first diagnosed with life threatening allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and sesame. I didn't know where to turn. I joined FAAN and obtained resources through various books and links but nothing has been as helpful and PAK, especially Cristina whom I had the pleasure to meet for the first time at a safe Halloween party that was hosted at her house years ago. Her and PAK guided me through the transition to our 'new way of life' and then again when it was time to send my FA son to Kindergarten. Without the help of Cristina and PAK, I would never have implemented a 504 plan, got an epipen on the bus, and recieved a one-on-one aid for my son. PAK is my guardian angel. Thanks Cristina for all your hard work and for personally answering my load of questions over the last several years !!!!! "
~ Trish