Kosher Symbols

If you thought reading the ingredients is a job in itself when it comes to food allergies, you also have to watch out for symbols usually located on the front of the product.

"D" or the word 'dairy' next to "K" or "U" indicates milk protein

"DE" means produced on equipment shared with dairy, therefore cross contamination may occur.

"Pareve" means contains neither meat nor dairy, however there could be enough milk protein in it to cause a reaction.

If your child is anaphylactic to milk, call the manufacturer every time you purchase an item with these symbols and ask lots of questions.  The FDA does not require companies to label for cross contamination and companies (big and small) mislabel ingredients often.

Hydrolyzed protein on the label is usually a vegetable protein, but sometimes tunafish or hotdogs contain hydrolyzed milk protein which is obviously not safe for milk allergy people. (Source:

Because of a loophole in food labeling laws, foods that contain casein or caseinates (milk derivatives) can legally be advertised as non-dairy products. (Source: FAAN)

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