Sample Letter
written by a PAK Member - Meg Cogan

Dear Airline/Congressman:

Did you know food allergies are on the rise for reasons unknown.  Food allergies are believed to be the leading cause of anaphylaxis causing an estimated 30,000 trips to the emergency room, resulting in 150-200 deaths each year. Strict avoidance of the allergen is necessary to avoid a severe reaction.

There are situations that exist today which make it impossible for those that suffer specifically from nut allergies to have a safe haven, and by this I mean the AIR TRAVEL. Current policy (as dictated by Congress) is to allow the individual airlines to determine their own policy. Most airlines refuse to do anything.  The fix is simple. When a nut allergy passenger is on board, a simple announcement (ie “there is a nut allergy person onboard the plane, please refrain from eating nuts) and the decision to not offer nuts as a snack is all that needs to be done to protect the allergic passenger. (We all understand that the airlines cannot be held responsible if another passenger choices to ignore the request). This is Jetblues current policy and has proven to be very effective for the safety of nut allergy passengers
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I have an 18 year old daughter who must fly to and from college . She has an airborn nut allergy and is compromised when she flies on a plane that serves any nuts. To date the only airlines willing to help is JetBlue (and they have been wonderful) however Jetblue has just ceased service to the area she needs to fly too. We are now left to scramble to figure out how to safely fly her to and from college
………….no options exist.  

I am not alone in this predicament, many others suffer from the same form of discrimination. We are asking you the airline industry to rethink your policies on how to deal with passengers that suffer from a nut allergy. Jetblues policy is simple and easy to enact and it will SAVE LIVES. I ask you  2 simple questions   "with all that is wrong in this world today how is such a simple change in policy is so hard to enact?". and  Does someone need to die before your airline is willing to make such a simple change in policy? (no cost involved, no difficulty to others, and no enforcement needed).

We are begging you as our only means off air transportation to please hear our voices and stand up and help protect our loved ones. 

Your name, Concerned parents and friends

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Did you know?

1. Airline flight attendants are NOT required by the FAA to be trained in the administration of epinephrine.

2. Airline emergency medical kits are required to contain epinephrine by the FAA (but it usually is not in auto-injector form).

3. Airlines are not required to anounce on the plane or ask passengers to refrain from eating peanuts.  

4. Some US carriers are still serving packaged peanuts like Continental, Delta and Southwest.

*FAA is the Federal Aviation Administration.
**Source- FAAN.