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Dept. of Health Services published a document called Arizona Resource Guide for Supporting Children With Life-Threatening Food Allergies. This will enforce safety for students with anaphylaxis in school. 

Legislation (H.B. 495) - allows school nurses to obtain a non-student-specific epinephrine autoinjector to be kept at the school in case of an emergency.

L.D. 2084 - calls for people supervising community-organized recreational programs to be trained to administer an epinephrine autoinjector.

New Jersey
P.L.2007,c.229 - requires school nurses at nonpublic schools to recruit and train volunteer designees to administer epinephrine to students when the nurse is not there.

New York
Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act has been signed.  The NY commissioner of education along with the NY commissioner of health will publish food allergy management guidelines for schools by June 2008. 
Click on New York State Anaphylaxis Guidelines issued: "Caring for Students with Life-Threatening Allergies "

NEW EMS Epinephrine Requirements

Oregon, Wyoming & Washington
Permits students (with parental and physician consent) to carry their prescribed epinephrines during school hours.

H.B. 101 - allows schools to offer epinephrine training to any teacher who is interested.

Washington D.C.
Student Access to Treatment Emergency Act of 2007 allows public, private and parochial schools to possess and self-administer prescribed anaphylaxis and asthma medication during school hours (in the District of Columbia).

National Legislation

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Management Act (H.R. 2063,S.1232) - the bill was approved by a House Committee, and should next be considered by the full House within a month or two.

"I am pleased to report that the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act is making good progress in the House (HR 2063).  With bipartisan support, it was approved by the Energy
and Commerce last week before Congress adjourned for recess. HR 2063 was also referred to the House Education and Labor Committee, so it must be approved by that committee as well before it can proceed to the floor to be voted on.  We are optimistic about HR 2063 moving forward when
Congress reconvenes in April.  The companion legislation in the Senate (S 1232) is still in committee -- it was referred to the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee."
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EMTs and Epinephrine
Over 30 states have adopted new policies allowing EMTs to carry and administer epinephrine.

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