FPIES  or Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome

  FPIES is called a "syndrome" because the exact mechanism is unknown. Symptoms are delayed compared to classic food allergy.  Medical evaluation fails to detect any allergic antibody from the food that causes the reaction.  FPIES is considered a non-IgE, cell-mediated food allergy.

  It is typically found in formula-fed infants that react from multiple and unrelated food proteins.  Repetitive vomiting within 2 to 3 hours after food is ingested with possibly diarrhea following.  Children may become lethargic, dehydrated and have low blood pressure. 

  Symptoms may become more chronic in young infants that are fed cow's milk or soy- based formula.  These infants may have poor growth and low blood albumin levels when the allergic food is ingested on a routinely. 

  Parents must have an action plan incase there the offending food is ingested.  Oral food challenges in a doctor's office are required prior to the reintroduce the allergic food with IV line in place.  For severe reactions, rapid IV replacement is typically the first-line of treatment.  In the case of shock, epinephrine and other medications  may be required to raise blood pressure.

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