School Meeting
(Recommend to schedule before the 1st day of school)

* Note: This is an example of an Individual Health Plan (IHP) or 504 Plan.
Please revise this to meet your child's health needs.

Attendees: Principal, Teacher, Teacher's Assistant, Aide, School Nurse and Parents


1) Medication instructions from allergist.
2) Click on Procedures in the Classroom
3) Click on Letter from Parents informing school of child's allergies (Hipaa Law)

Medical Condition: Anaphylactic to (list).  Asthma (if applies).  Also highly allergic to dogs (if applies).

Purpose: To keep my child safe and also integrate him/her.

  • Clean all students hands after
1. snack
2. lunch time
3. when students enter the classroom off the bus in the morning
4. after recess

  • Implement a “Buddy system” at snack time.  Students take turn eating his “safe” snack which is kept at school provided by the allergic child‘s parents.  Substitute “safe” snack to student that brings in a snack that isn't safe for the allergic child.  Includes all kinds of yogurt (even in a tube), milk, cheese flavored Doritos, Cheetos, cheese with crackers. cheese balls, cheese doodles, cheese curls, goldfish, etc.
  • Lunch time: eats in the cafeteria at “Dairy free” table.  Aide wipes table down.
  • Aide works 11-2 part-time (covers snack, lunch and recess) and follows him with prescribed epinephrine. All other times, a trained adult accompanies him and carries prescribed epinephrine.
  • School nurse gives epinephrine training to all school staff involved, bus drivers and bus matrons.
  • Hand soap is provided by parents of allergic child in the classroom.
  • All birthday/holiday parties do not involve food. Special book from home or craft activity in place. Goody bags with toys and stickers can be sent in.
  • Permission to distribute Hipaa letter. Includes: Teacher's Assistant, Student Aid, Art Teacher, Librarian, PE Teacher, Music Teacher, Gym teacher and anyone who is in contact with your child.
  • Classroom parents receive letter from Teacher and School Nurse informing them of allergic student and policies.
  • NO dogs are allowed where children load onto buses.
  • Not allowed to use water fountains. Water bottle will be brought in from home daily.
  • Field Trips: Nurse goes with him in the case the parent cannot attend.  If nurse and allergic child’s parent are not available, then the trip gets cancelled.  (Child is not allowed to attend field trips to petting zoos/farms.)

PAK is not a professional or medical organization.  It is a group of parents sharing information and supporting each other.  The discussions, meeting minutes, handouts, guest speakers, agendas, and other products of our support group do not constitute medical/legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.  Always discuss individual health questions and medical issues with a qualified personal physician.

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