HIPAA Sample Letter
(Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act Privacy Rule)

**Please revise according to your child's needs.

Dear Teacher (name),

I (name) give permission for all faculty and staff members to be advised of my child's (name) food allergies.  The only food and/or beverages he/she can have must come from my home and sent into school with him/her.  My child must not be allowed to consume any outside food or beverages thus causing him/her to go into Anaphylactic Shock which is life threatening.

The following is a list of ingredients my child is allergic to and CANNOT have in any form:


Parent/Guardian Name

cc: School Nurse (name) and Principal (name)

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical/legal advice. Please seek the advice of your physician regarding any treatment for allergies and asthma.
Does your child have
severe food allergies?
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the right place.
Did you know?
* HIPAA was adopted in 2003

* Intent is to protect individuals' rights to control access and disclosure of private information

* Lets participatant know who will get information about their participation in research

Source: FAAN