November '07 Bulletin
Meeting Held: 11/21

Meeting Minutes written by Kim Dominici

Guest Speaker: Gary Feldman
Topic: Why we should "Say No To GMO"
Food Allergies & the connection to
genetically modified food.

Source: Green Peace USA

Explanation of GMO

·      GMO's are a complex problem and are affecting the entire world.

·        GMO's are taking DNA from one species and putting into another.

·        If you look at labels closely, you will see some are labeled non-GMO.

·        Look for the non-conventional foods.

·        Allergists do not have answers to the rise of food allergies,
but do have a lot of tests.  This is because allergic reactions connected
to GMOs cannot be traced.

Examples of Allergens hidden in GMO foods. Additives to avoid.

·        Pay attention to what the label states. GMO modifications not on labeling!

·        Fish genes into ice creams - if allergic to fish, have a reaction.

·        Spider and codfish genes into some GMO potatoes.

·        Flounder genes in strawberries/tomatoes to protect from freezing.

·        Golden Rice - contains daffodil and bacteria genes.

·        Plants/insect/fish/animal/human/bacteria genes are being spliced into our food.

·        Ventria is a biotech company that produces 3 varieties of rice with human genes in them.

·        Aspartame - first GMO sweetener.

·        CORN - major problem! "Friends of the Earth" went to a supermarket and grabbed all the corn products and brought them to a genetic lab. 185/245 corn products were "Starlink" corn (GMO). This group helped stop it.

·        FISH - buy wild. Farm raised contains GMO.

How GMO's are connected to the rise in FA since '96

·        Ex) Brazilian nuts into some soybeans, allergy from nut, and most people with FA are allergic to nut.

·        Allergy food may have allergy protein - ex) soy has 15 hidden allergens, apple and birch pollen/foods mimics peanuts. There is a link back to soy with PA, even if a person doesn't eat p-nuts, mimics to high degree due to amino acid content.

·        Watch reactions to soy; may cause anaphylaxis.  Early sign can be eczema.

·        Birch tree - find out foods related to Birch (ex melon, apples)

·        Every processed food has some GMO in it, therefore, allergies on the rise.

·        Kids getting allergies that were born in the last 15 years. Brought up only with GMO's.

·        Body cannot understand why can't digest new protein. When we eat, the body can't distinguish the food, it sits in the stomach. GMO is in stomach at least 1 hr, and can't pass out, creating havoc in the intestinal tract. It passes through the gut making a new allergy from food you thought you weren't eating but really were.

·        Being pregnant, GMO's affect fetus.

·        Kid's genes are being taken over.

·        Body cannot utilize all the foreign substances just sitting in the body.  Always a small percent goes to the gut. The gut is the biggest problem since it is the last line of digestion.

Guideline for GMO free shopping and dining

Food sources
·        Watch the rice at restaurants (i.e. don't eat if possible).

·        All soy sauce GMO

·        There are more outrageous things in restaurant food (you're not preparing it).

·        Pizza restaurant - growth hormone in cheese.

·        Starbucks stopped serving growth hormone in dairy.

·        Trader Joe's label on dairy no growth hormone.

·        Infant formulas - all GMO unless labeled otherwise.  Use organic formulas.

·        Cloning cows, then using cloned cows milk

·        All animals on farms that are non-organic are being fed GMO, then GMO being put back into body when you consume the food (dairy, eggs, etc.).

·        Go to farms on the east end.

·        In Europe and Asia, have to label GMO on foods.

·        Top Countries with GMO Crops

1. US = 53%
2. Argentina = 17%
3. Brazil = 11%
4. Canada = 6%
5. India = 4%
6. Paraguay = 2%
7. S. Africa = 1 %

·        Alcohol - beer 2006 - Busch uses GMO rice.

·  Way to go.

·  100% certification.

·  Oregon Tilth one of top certifiers.  Also, QAI (Quality Assurance International).

·  Organic fields further away then conventional crops.

·  USDA least certifications.

·  Soy lecithin must state organic to know GMO free.

·  Use health food store as resource.

Urgency for mandatory labeling

·        Over 70% of all supermarket foods is GMO.

·        FDA does not permit labeling for consumers to make a good choice.

·        We are an uneducated society, need to be aware - top GMO companies make claims (i.e. the GMO rice will stop kids diarrhea) and claims are accepted.

·         FDA - claiming GMO is a food additive.

GMO connection to e-coli outbreaks.

·        People becoming resistant to antibiotics because of the GMO foods - they're altering our DNA structure.  GMO seeds contain viruses and antibiotics. 

·        People who ate lettuce at Taco Bell in 2006 - if there was a promoter gene in the lettuce, it attaches itself to e-coli bacteria in the gut, causing the e-coli in the gut to explode. 

Positive things we can do

·        Use dollar to utilize buying power - buy non-gmo products.

·        Grass roots way

·        Buy organic - you are sending manufacturers a powerful message.

·        Go to supermarket managers in groups and demand GMO labeling on all food products.

·        Organic Association is fantastic, it tells companies that are organic certified.

·        Green Peace has the most knowledge/information.

·        Organic consumers association also great.

What to eat?

·        Corn and soy are the most prevalent GMO to watch out for from these high GMO countries.

·        Stay away from anything genetic.

·        Probiotics - consumed by itself helps bring up immune system and gut. The higher number the better.  Read labels to check ingredients.

·        Yogurt, bacterias - give a lot to bring up immune system. Cultures Keifer is the best source of probiotics.

·        PLU codes: the number it starts with:

·        3, 4, or 5 = conventional cancer (heavily sprayed) DON'T BUY

·        8 = GMO food

·        9 = FINE


GMO connection to Autism and learning disabilities.
·        Vaccines - GMO organisms in them, link with autism and learning disabilities.

·        Foods creating problems in children - altering DNA.


·        Remember: All the little things add up!

·        GMO's are not just in food, but genetically modified cotton clothing, health products, etc.

·        JUST SAY NO TO GMO!!!

Does your child have severe food allergies?
You've come to the
right place.
1. Explanation of GMOs.
2. Examples of Allergens Hidden in GMO foods. Additives to avoid.
3. How GMOs are connected to the rise in Food Allergies since '96. Peanut Allergy link to Soy.
4. Guidelines for GMO free shopping & Dining.
a.) Food Sources (countries that produce the least GMO crops). b.) Organics.
5. Urgency for Mandatory Labeling.
6. GMO connection to e-coli outbreaks. Bee and Butterfly decline.
7. Positive things we can do.
8. GMO connection to autism & learning disabilities.
About Gary Feldman:
Continuing Education Instructor, Nassau County Public Schools. Lecturer.  Created the "Veggie Vitamin Store At Your Door" catalog of name-brand vegetarian and Kosher nutritional supplements and cruelty-free personal care products.
"We have many resources available about GMOs and other hidden allergens and toxins in our foods available on our site at as well as on our blog Food Politics at"

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