May Bulletin
(Meeting held: 5/16)
written by: Tara Seifert, Communications Manager

"It's All About Support"


Protecting a Food Allergic Child

Practical strategies on educating your child about their food allergies

Share Time:   Everyone had a chance to share their story.

Strategies Discussed:

Create Flash cards with specific words they are allergic to.  Let children get used to looking at packaging.  Coupon flyers work well too.

Talking/Teaching Time:  Set aside time to teach your child preventative practices.
  "If you can't read it, you can't have it."

Wash hands after each meal

Wash down tables and seats before sitting to eat

ALWAYS have your medication bag with you no matter what.

Discuss the differents signs they may exibit during a reaction

Keep your hands away from your face (Use a tissue)

Never share foods/drinks with anyone or take foodds/drinks from someone other than your parents.

Role play different scenarios:
school bus

Read Books:

Cody the Allergic Cow, Allie the Allegic Elephant, and Chad the Allergic Chipmunk  by Nicole Smith
No Lobster, Please! by Robyn Rogers
The Peanut Butter Jam by Elizabeth Sussman Nassau
"Mommy, Is this Safe to Eat?" by Christina Black visit :

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